Making Mistakes Is Part of Your Divinity

Dr. Diva PhD Online

Making mistakes is part of the L.I.F.E. experience and totally unavoidable. Thinking we can live mistake free is a mistake in itself because we are in denial. When we make a decision, in most cases, we are not aware it will be a mistake until the scenario completely is played out.

We may override our intuitive thought process to explore and take the risk, even when we inherently know it may not turn out the way we want. Our curiosity and/or our ego take over as we determine to explore a direction against our intuitive red flags to seek the answers in the outcome we experience for ourselves. This in itself is living.  It is the exploration process that brings forth the meanings and answers that define our experience, even when the are resolute in pain.

A courageous mistake is worth a thousand times more than a fearful compliance. ~Dragos Roua

Mistakes Are Part of Your Divinity - Dr. Diva Verdun L.I.F.E. is about exploration. When…

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