Christian Taylor - Don't Want to Die Too Young - Dr. Diva Verdun #ChristianTaylor #DietoYoung #blacklivesmatter

NO MORE BLOOD! NO MORE TIME!! Thank you Christian Taylor!

Christian Taylor’s death really has affected me deeply my Angels, as I am sure it has affected you too. (find details below of Christian Taylor’s death)

For me this one hits really close to home as my niece has been dating his brother for a long time now. So we grieve deeply alongside his family.

#ChristianTaylor Christian Taylor - Didn't Want To Die Too Young! Gone To Soon!
Christian Taylor – Didn’t Want To Die Too Young! Gone To Soon!

I have had two young people in my experience this summer that were both 19 years old die too young and both lives greatly affected me as I look at my own mortality, the world we are living in, the issues we are dealing with, the mental slavery and bondage we are all strapped down by due to entertainment and technology, political propaganda, the loss of value for L.I.F.E., and the gross feeling of oppression that blankets our experiences.

The grief here is not simply that black lives matter (which they do for sure), or that we loose a person so young; it is really about the value of L.I.F.E. we have individually and collectively.

There is no more time now. We must move into an effectual understanding that we are each here to LIVE FULLY, and respect and honor each other for the gift of L.I.F.E. that is in being.


It’s time to wake up Angels! Wake up to not only injustices, but to wake up to what lies beyond the wake of immorality and human degradation. L.I.F.E. is so so precious.

Like Christian Taylor, I don’t want to die too young either… From his reference young was merely 19 years old… For me young is 55 years young… Too young is not a matter of age, but a matter of LIVING!!!

What Christian Taylor has brought me into the understanding of is that it is never to late to LIVE L.I.F.E. my Angels!

We die too young when we cut ourselves off from fully living the whole L.I.F.E. experience. Too young can be 19 or 90 depending on what we missed out on while we were living.  When we die, we are gone, and then it is not an option to live the experiences we want to live.You don’t want to miss our on L.I.F.E. at any age.

It is time to live my Angels!!!

Today we grieve… Tomorrow we leave… so NOW is the time to LIVE!!!

My soul grieves, but I am ready to live fully today. Are you my Angels?

I had to share this . . . heart hurting.


Rev. Dr. Diva Verdun
America’s #1 Personal Transformation & Empowerment Guru

About Christian Taylor

What Happened?

Christian Taylor, an unarmed black 19 year old honor student and football player at Angelo State University, was shot by a white police offer at a car dealership in Arlington, Texas on August 7, 2015. His death comes on the eve of the anniversary of the Micheal Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014, which ignited the Black Lives Matter Movement. The white officer, a 49 year old rookie, has been found to have exercised poor judgement and has been fired from the police department. Taylor’s death has been ruled a homicide by the coroners office and the shooting is under investigation.

Family and friends are baffled as to what lead CJ, as his family called him, to have such erratic behavior that lead him to vandalize cars at the car dealership and drive his SUV through the dealership showroom window moments before he was shot four times and died at the scene. His father says he did not have any history of mental illness. Taylor’s death is another statistic in the growing list of black lives taken by white officers exercising deadly use of force.

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