Death is a Powerful Reminder We are Here to Be True to L.I.F.E. – A message in the Transition of Kelly Goins

Death is a very powerful reminder that we are still alive and how much we are missing by not LIVING NOW.

We celebrate the L.I.F.E. of Kelly Goins today. She transitioned and moved out of the body over the weekend. For many of you here she is simply another person that has passed on that you do not know.However, I felt she leaves a prevalent and powerfully impactful message and an infectious smile to share with you here.

Kelly Goins left, and Rose Verdun-Lyles, owner of the Bay Area Black Expo

I had the greatest pleasure of meeting Kelly Goins last year at the Bay Area Black Expo, which my sister Rose Verdun Lyles​ produces every year in the San Francisco area.

She had a liver transplant at 14 years old, and used every bit of her second chance at L.I.F.E. to live it her way. She was a person that gave way more than expected, and was highly dedicated to helping others accomplish their dreams.

Kelly taught me that L.I.F.E. is so so simple. We complicate it with all our stuff. She taught me that we are here for a short while, and that just to meet a person for a moment, we have tremendous power to change or add to their L.I.F.E. through our love, and the gift of our smile because it impacts people more than we can ever know.

Kelly taught me most that hypocrisy can exist at such a fine level that it is undetectable in self because we do not realize that we are not being fully true to L.I.F.E., to lessons, to guidance, to self, to each other, and most of all to Love. We are here to be real and true to ourselves. This is the reality that others actually see beyond the mask that we wear. They see our truth. They see it at a deeper level past the persona we portray.

I don’t prefer to say rest in peace… because even when the body has gone through a horrendous experience creating physical suffering in passing as Kelly experienced in giving up the ghost to transition, the Spirit is springing forth unsheathed to move on to explore and discover a new facet of L.I.F.E.

I say go and be more to #KellyGoins and #ChristianTaylor, who we lost last weekend to excessive use of police force. You are both back to back blessings, and back to back lessons . . .

Peace is ever present in Spirit, and understood at a higher level for those that have transitioned. Peace is here for those of us still living, left to figure out this thing called L.I.F.E.

Kelly has left her impactful smile that extends through the fabric of all dimensions…

Exploration is what the soul journeys for… We don’t say Rest in Peace, we proclaim to her and all those that have transitioned… Go forth and BE MORE…

In a Spirit of Contemplation and a moment of silence and with gratitude…

Thank You!!

~Rev. Dr. Diva Verdun


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