The Alien in the Family

Dr. Diva PhD Online

Feeling isolated and rejected in your own family unit is an experience that hurts very deeply.  The one place everyone wants to feel accepted and loved is within their own family.  Sadly, for many, being in with the family seems to be unattainable.  For whatever reason we have been alienated and rejected from our own families it still hurts on a very deep level, which unknowingly affects all our relationships as we continue to erect barriers to protect our wounded hearts from future rejection.

Being an Alien in your own family unit causes severe trauma on a deeply intimate level.  Even if you are handling the pain of the rejection or isolation from the family unit, the pain can be deeply buried but still dictate your behavior in other relationships because of feelings of abandonment and thoughts of being unlovable and unacceptable.  To work through this deeply personal pain is…

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