Red Flags Don’t Mean Go

Dr. Diva PhD Online

Sometimes we get so caught up in wanting to have someone in our lives that we are willing to do whatever is necessary to have that experience. The red flag is waving at full mask, yet we look up and say to ourselves that the wind is not blowing hard enough for us to take notice. We move forward knowing in the back of our minds that we are taking a huge risk However, we press forward through all the indicators that are warning us and move forward anyway.

Red Flags Don't Mean Go - Dr. Diva VerdunDesperation, fear of being alone or abandoned, fear of getting older and not having someone in our lives, fixations on certain people we have determined are Mr/Mrs Right etc… will cause us to settle for relationships that may not fully serve us. These fears can cause us to make relationship decisions based on codependent behaviors. We become caretakers or sacrifice more…

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