Nurturing Yourself is Not Selfish

Dr. Diva PhD Online

Learning to nurture and take care of ourselves is vital to our own mental and emotional stability. Somewhere along the way we were taught it is better to think of others than it is to think of ourselves. That we are being selfish by putting ourselves ahead of others and that we are supposed to give rather than to receive. Looking at this advice from a rational standpoint does not make sense in any part of the understanding, although we still behave in exactly this manner because we have been programmed to do so.

Nuturing Yourself is Not Selfish - Dr. Diva VerdunYou are not being selfish by putting yourself first.  Even in nature animals take care of themselves first before they can assist their young or others.  If they did not they would not be strong enough to drag the kill back or to fight off any potential threats of danger.

As humans, we have been programmed…

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