You are here to LIVE L.I.F.E.

Dr. Diva PhD Online

We are so engrained in our socialized roles of making a living that we have forgotten that we are really here to live a L.I.F.E.  By passing up opportunities to simply smile and enjoy a moment of laughter you prevent yourself from knowing the fruit of what truly being alive is all about.  You are here to fully live all of L.I.F.E.  Just living for a pay check or hanging on through a survival mentality is not living, it is existing.

Making a living means we are merely existing through this experience.  Waiting on a paycheck or worse thinking we are going to get that big break one day when we win the lotto is prolonging living now.  The truth is that if you are not living during the times you are struggling financially, you will not know how to live once and if you come into a position of…

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