Saying Yes to the Gift of Living

Dr. Diva PhD Online

We are a socialized culture of people that have been taught to view the negative outcomes first.  We explore every possible angle from a negative aspect over seeing anything positive.  We worry and fear outcomes that more than likely will never happen, and we spend more than 90% of our energy contemplating issues from a negative standpoint over seeing positive options that bring about solutions.

We are trained to say no, when we want to say yes, and to say yes when we want to say no.  We are a totally dysfunctional society based on a set of behavior patterns that have been stamped into our thinking since we were children.  We have been trained to fear L.I.F.E. over revering it.  Our thinking is out of alignment with Divine order and the natural process because we are grounded in our fears.

What is wrong with saying yes to L.I.F.F.?  Saying…

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