No One Understands Me But Me!

Dr. Diva PhD Online

We have all been in situations where we feel other people don’t get us.  They don’t get how we think.  How we live.  Who we are. What we want. What we do or why we do it.  For the most part we find ourselves constantly asking the question, “why don’t you understand me?”. The power in this questions is in asking it to ourselves to explore the reasons why we feel we need to be validated anyway.

When we are operating from a place of always feeling misunderstood, we are playing to our victimization tapes, which loop our thoughts back to a place and time when we felt less about ourselves than we should.  Sadly for many, this is not a place that is to far in the distant past.  It is a place that we live in now.  Victimization tapes steal our POWER and move us into a…

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