It’s Not All In God’s Hands – You Have to Do the Work

Dr. Diva PhD Online

It's Not all in God's Hands - You have to do the Work - Dr. Diva VerdunSomeone shared with me the popular statement, “It’s all in God’s Hands Now”.  No! The truth is that God gave you hands and birthed you in the image and likeness making it up to you to make your L.I.F.E. what you want it to be.

God will not step in and fix anything for you because you have been given free will choice.  This means that Spirit literally is riding shot-gun inside of you while you make all the choices and decisions.  Spirit will not override any decision you make.  Even when you sit still and get quiet to find the answers within, you still must get up and take action through the POWER of your own MIND.  You must chose to exercise your own will to use the advice, information and confirmation that you got in your prayer/meditation time.

When we exclaim that our lives are in…

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