Saying No Puts Your L.I.F.E. Back In Perspective

Dr. Diva PhD Online

Learning to say no means taking ownership of your own power.  You do not have to always justify your decisions with doing things to over compensate for the answer you really would like to give. You just say no and know it is OK.

Saying no is felt deeply in your soul, but many times we override our souls answers because of our fear of rejection or loss of love or respect from others.  We over burden our lives with situations and circumstances we prefer not to have to deal with because of our fear of saying two small letters, which have the power to free us to live the experience we prefer to be living.

How to say No - Rev. Dr. Diva Verdun - http://drdivaphd.comWe are socialized to feel guilty about saying no to people. We have grown to believe through socialization that if we say no to anything or to anyone we cut off the opportunity to be loved or…

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