Stop Giving Your POWER to Problems

Dr. Diva PhD Online

When you have issues and experience problems thinking you have to put your L.I.F.E. on hold and wait for the problem to pass over is stepping into denial and fear. This is hiding in an escape expecting relationships to fix themselves, difficult decisions to be made on their own, or depression to simply fade away. Putting yourself on hold will not resolve the problem. You have to immerse yourself in the problem in order to face your fears and find the resolution.

Abandoning your L.I.F.E. or routine to your problems only delays you from finding the solutions because you are stagnant with fear and confusion. To stop living your L.I.F.E. and sit in a suffering state of obsessive thoughts of what ifs and whys will not help to resolve the problem.

Stop giving up your POWER to the Problem allowing it to be fully in charge of every thought. Stop…

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