Only You Limit Your L.I.F.E.

Dr. Diva PhD Online

The only limits we have in life are those which we set ourselves.

While we inherently know that opportunity is available throughout the Universe, we tend to feel in most cases that only a select few people actually have access to it.  We see our lives limited by our education, our resources, our environment, our exposure, or a number of other reasons that we blame for our lack of progress.  We are so busy blaming someone else, or our circumstances that we never stand-up and take control of our own experience.

L.I.F.E. cannot be limited.  It is not in the nature of L.I.F.E. to be limited.  L.I.F.E. is pure energy and capable of moving in incredible expansive ways.  Our limitations come from our own fears where we put ourselves in a box waiting for our circumstances to miraculously change.  We tend to wait for more money, more opportunity, or the…

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2 thoughts on “Only You Limit Your L.I.F.E.

    1. Namaste! Thank you for your love Rev. Andy.

      L.I.F.E. is ALL KNOWING pure expansive energy, the ONE Universal All that is present in all that is living. We know it as Infinite Intelligence, ONE Mind, Higher Power, God, Jehovah, and a cast of other names depending on one’s religious persuasion. L.I.F.E. is an acronym that I created more than 6 years ago in association with my core message, which is based on John 10:10 in the Holy Book of Antiquity.

      It stands for Living In Full Expectancy of All Good in alignment with the abundant promise of our birthright. I am always honored when someone ask what it stands for, as many read right past the acronym without ever inquiring its meaning.

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Blessings in love and light!

      Dr. Rev. Diva Verdun

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