Your Feelings Matter – They Are Your Tools to Living

Dr. Diva PhD Online

Dealing with our emotions is the one biggest challenge we face on a daily basis. The joyful ones we have no issues sharing with others, but when we are sad, depressed, frustrated, angry and lonely we tend to suppress these emotions so that we seem to be what the world pegs as “normal”. The world’s idea of being “normal” means we are zombies and walking around like manikins with a smile on our face. This is virtually impossible when L.I.F.E. is filled with daily opportunities to grow through exploration and discovery where many times we find ourselves moving through bad experiences from the decisions we have made or the situations we find ourselves in.

To operate in the world’s idea of “normal” and be happy on a daily basis is virtually impossible. Discovering more and more about L.I.F.E. and how you fit into the Divine Puzzle through your emotions and…

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