Seeking the Good Man or the Good Woman

Dr. Diva PhD Online

Looking for the proverbial Good Man or Good Woman to be your Mr/Mrs Right creates a picture of a magical person that walks into your L.I.F.E., suddenly turning your world into the perfect story book romance.  Everyone wants the perfect right person to be a part of their experience, but sadly agree with the world’s view-point that there are no more good men or good women available to be with.  The question then becomes are you the only good one left standing?  In answering this question we begin to take a closer look at ourselves from a different perspective.  We begin to see ourselves as being to good for those that are available to be in a relationship with us, while standing in judgment of others thinking they can never be good enough for us.

We must stop and examine our thoughts when it comes to finding the so-called good…

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