Breakthrough Your Limitations and Realize Your Dreams!

LADIES, JOIN DR. DIVA VERDUN FOR The Ultimate Waiting to Exhale Event in Los Angeles


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“Exhale to Excel” is the Ultimate “Waiting to Exhale Party”. It’s an intimate women’s workshop designed to empower you with the tools and the mindset to breakthrough your limitations and bring your New Year’s Resolutions to L.I.F.E. in 2018!!

In “Exhale to Excel” you’ll discover:

  • Three easy steps you can take immediately to create the life you deserve.
    • How to push past your fear and the limitations that have kept you stuck.
    • How to vision for the success you desire.
    • How to change your mindset to shift into high gear to overcome
    limiting beliefs and release negative thoughts and feelings.
    • How to set real solutions that work over your things-to-do list
    of resolutions that you have carried over year after year.
    • How to overcome exhaustion, and the need to be there
    for everyone to take care of yourself without feeling guilty.
    • And Much More…

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