Love Is Constant. Don't Blame the Mirror

Love Is Constant. Don’t Blame the Mirror.

Contrary to socialization, Love is not an emotion or feeling at all. It is Spirit demonstrated in ITs full essence as you and I my Angels!

Love is a constant quotient of ONE in the Universal All. You incarnated into this experience to demonstrate this ONEness, which begins with Love of self.

The true demonstration of this ONEness, this Love, is not about flowers, chocolates, dinner and trinkets, which are of course all nice. It is about coming into the awareness that you are Love and learning to see others as Love.

Other people are not the source of Love. The Creator Is! Because you are created in the image and likeness of this ONE Divine Intelligence, you are the very source of the Love you seek, and desire. Thus, the more you are invested in Self-Love, the more you see Love in others, and as others.

Gifts received and given are merely material trophies of the expression of Love. They are not the impetus for what is real.

As you come into the awareness of this truth, you begin to stumble less and begin to build the wealth of loving and lasting relationships that delight your heart’s desire.

Awareness brings forth the knowledge that you are a mirror reflection of the Love, or lack thereof, that you see reflected in your relationships. When you become consciously aware you become mature enough to be honest with yourself and you recognize the negativity you see reflected in your relationship mirrors is shining light upon your own patterns of negativity.

This is a very mature step in your development and not easy to embrace when you are not accustomed to seeing your own faults in the negativity of others. Growing in wisdom of your own being as Love allows you to face your ego and be responsible for your own deeply lodged emotional debris, which you see reflected from others.

There is no such thing as being unloved because there is only Love in the Universe, which is always constant. It never fails. It never struggles. It simply IS.

Feeling unLoved is your fear reflected from others because you can only attract into your experience what you believe to be true. It is the egos way of demanding someone else must fill a void that can only be filled by loving yourself first, which births the maturity to stop the blame game, and the need for others to see you as a victim.

The more vested you are in Self-Love, the more capable you are of healing your inner divides to create an atmosphere that attracts the Love that you desire. You take self-responsibility and begin to use your relationships as mirrors to heal yourself rather than an attempt to change others to selfishly fulfill your fear based needs.

As you love yourself more you begin to heal and grow, and your mirror begins to reflect Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony, and Bliss, and you in turn attract mirror reflections that are equivalent to your new experience of self. This is what mirrors do. They can only reflect the same likeness. So, you can’t blame the mirror (the relationship) if you don’t like what you see.

Remember, Love is not a feeling, emotion or passion. It is a Knowing, a Being. It is Spirit ITself living within you as you attracting ITself back to you.


Rev. Dr. Diva Verdun
America’s #1 Personal Transformation & Empowerment Guru
Editorial Director & Chief
Today’s Guru Magazine
CEO, Fierce Impact – the Power of Feminine F.i.R.E.

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