A Dose of Reality with Dr. Diva Verdun, Transformational Guru, Minister, Speaker, Author

A Dose of Reality with Dr. Diva Verdun – “You Were Created Perfect, Born Whole and Complete. Nothing Missing, Never Ever Was.”

You were born in the perfect image and likeness of the Creator. You are not flawed in anyway. Nor are you imperfect in the eyes of the Divine. It is your choices and egoic understanding that is based on socialization, religion, and negative experiences that enforce your belief system of being flawed and imperfect.

Your ego is so protective that it created-perfect-whole-completeflees from re-experiencing past pains and hurtful feelings pushing you deeper into fear, shame, and the belief that you are not good enough despite the truth of your perfect creation by a perfect Creator.

You are here by divine design, created perfect, whole, and complete. Your quest as spirit having a human experience is the exploration and discovery of your light, which is the perfection of your very creation.

It is this light that exposes our egoic ideologies where we assume the thoughts and beliefs that we are not perfect, which forces us to feel less than others.

The power of the Light is in you. It is in us all. You were created unique, a perfect expression of the Divine. No matter what the world says or thinks of you, you will always be the singularly unique and greatest creation. You were blessed with the very life and presence of God created perfect, born whole and complete. Nothing is ever missing except your awareness of this truth.



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