TGIFFF – The Goddess Frigg – Fierce Feminine Fridays

Happy Fierce Feminine Friday!

Did you know that there are 52 days, sometimes 53 days in a year and that Friday is the most celebrated day of the week? We all live for Friday, but I bet you didn’t know that Friday is actually the only day of the week named after a Goddess. In fact it was named after the Germanic Goddess Frigg also known as the Roman Goddess Venus, which the planet is named after.

Our infatuation with celebrating Friday comes from the celebration of the Goddess Frig (Venus) who represents Fertility, Prosperity, Love, Clairvoyance, Sex, Desire, and Victory. No wonder we have more sex on Friday nights than any other day of the week! 😉

What’s so amazing is that most people are so unaware that we are all celebrating feminine power on Fridays. Your feminine F.I.R.E. is at an all time high on Fridays. It is your power day ladies.

A day you can embrace the magic of being born a woman.

Dig deep within and embrace your feminine power.

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Happy Fierce Feminine Friday!

Love and F.I.R.E.!


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