TGIFFF – It’s OK to Make Mistakes – Fierce Feminine Friday

Have you ever felt some people hold you to your past mistakes or judge you based on the decisions you made once upon a time?

Well, the truth is mistakes are learning tools that birth wisdom and everyone makes them. I MEAN EVERYONE! Including those crucifying you based on your past.

Without mistakes how would you know what’s right for you or wrong for you? You must decide one way or the other, and guess what?! The decisions you made then and the ones you make now are always the right decision at the time you make them because you made that decision based on the desire, knowledge, information, and wisdom or lack of it you had at the time.

Celebrating your power to make decisions and your resilience to live through the pain of a bad decision builds character and wisdom. As you become aware of this truth you grow in awareness, and you make better decisions that catapult you into the life of your dreams.

The key is embracing the risk of making mistakes and the power of the lessons that comes from them. So, get the lesson and move on. Don’t allow the judgment of others and their denial of your growth shame you or make you miserable around them. They can’t see you for who you are NOW because they have an implanted image of you as the person you use to be. That’s their issue, not yours, because what they think of you is not your business. What you think of yourself is!

What happened – happened. It’s your truth, no matter how embarrassing, sad, shameful, or terrible. You are actually the better person because of it. Other people don’t walk in your shoes, and never will, so yes, maybe they would have made a better decision, but this is your life and not theirs.

So, stop proving other people right when they accuse you of not growing or changing, or worse try to put you back in that space because it is their opinion of you.

There’s no need to prove them right by allowing their judgment to shame or trigger you.

You grow in power from the wisdom of your mistakes, and you don’t have to prove anything about how much you grew to anyone but yourself.

Embrace your mistakes and move forward. They are what makes you so uniquely you!

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Happy Fierce Feminine Friday!

Love and F.I.R.E.!


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