TGIFFF – Staying Positive When You Don’t Feel Positive – Fierce Feminine Friday

The challenge with staying positive is that we don’t always feel positive. This is natural because we have a wide range of emotions that span a spectrum of feelings from anger, doubt and worry to happiness, joy and bliss.

We don’t always feel positive because it’s our human nature to go through a myriad of emotions, so we know exactly how we feel at some other point in time.

Staying positive has more to do with our mental attitude about being positive than it does with our feelings. This is referred to as PMA or Positive Mental Attitude. PMA is the practice of reflecting on negative thoughts and situations so we can act upon them differently. So, rather than seeing total doom and gloom, we become conscious of seeing the greater good in everything we experience.

Positive thinking isn’t about burying negative thoughts or emotions or avoiding difficult feelings. It’s about how you choose to process your feelings to empower your actions because the lowest points in our lives generally motivate us to make positive changes.

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