Behind the Scenes/Bloopers with Dr. Diva Verdun on PMA

I thought it would be fun for to share behind the scenes (BTS) recording my weekly Friday video on the topic of PMA – Positive Mental Attitude. Was I challenged to stay focused or what? lol

After I don’t know how many takes and a load of frustration later, I found myself actually listening to the words I was sharing to stay positive myself. (The teacher teaching themselves).

For heaven sake, after about 5 hours of recording bloopers, I finally ended up with a 4 minute video. Talk about a frustrating and challenging 5 hours filled with other things I needed to handle that day that simply didn’t get done because I stayed with this recording til I won the battle over a mental challenge where I just simply couldn’t concentrate cause let’s face it. It was Friday! LOL Yep, my mind out to lunch and then off to the weekend before finishing what I had on my work day. You know how that goes right? Hasn’t it happened to you?

Staying positive is sometimes challenging because we don’t always feel positive, especially when things aren’t going according to plan and we are anxious to do something totally different.

Well since you found me so funny, tap like and please share your amusement and this teaching moment with your friends.

See the finished video on my YouTube Channel at under “Staying Positive When You Don’t Feel Positive – TGIFF or on any of my social media feeds.

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Love and F.I.R.E.!


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