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Dr. Diva Verdun, PhD

America’s #1 Fierce Factor Expert

Mystic ~ Mentor ~ Minister ~ L.I.F.E. Transformer ~ Empowerment Guru ~ Speaker ~ Trainer ~ Counselor

Dr. Diva Verdun - Empowerment Coach, Speaker, Minister, Spiritual Pratitioner & Counselor

Dr. Diva Verdun is America’s #1 Fierce Factor Expert and the author of “The Code of F.I.R.E. Thermogenesis”. She has over 25 years of personal transformation, conscious awareness, and metaphysical and spiritual training, and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, CNBC, MSNBC, the Los Angeles Times, the NY Daily News, the Chicago Tribune, and many podcast, radio and television broadcasts.

She empowers conscious ambitious women to tap into their feminine F.I.R.E. to maximize their potential to live fierce and phenomenal lives, unapologetically confident, undeniably connected, and unstoppably happy and free.

Dr. Diva is a transformative mentor and speaker with a passion to empower individuals to express the life of their dreams through intentional and purposeful living. She is a mystic that shares an illuminating holistic message of Oneness, embracing the principle of perfection, which is at the center of each person’s being. Her message fires an immediate vibrational shift in consciousness through her unique delivery and presentation style, which combines entertainment and interactive mediums to engage participants in their illumination process.

She has been lovingly referred to as a Master Teacher for her inspirational messages that have touched millions of lives through her media appearances and collective social media networks.Dr. Diva PhD

She is the publisher of “Feminine Empowerment Secrets” weekly newsletter, and host a blog with over 1000+ self-authored empowerment and self-help articles that are accessed daily by thousands of people all over the world.

Diva holds a Doctor of Philosophy and dual Ministerial Ordinations in Metaphysics and Religious Science respectively, and is a licensed Spiritual Practitioner. She is the Chief Evolutionary Officer of Fierce Impact Media | Intuitive Feminine Education & Transformation, which offers mentorship and training through its series of programs, events, and online courses.

… and yes, Her real name is Diva.

She says, “I get carded more for my name than I ever got carded for my age.”

23 thoughts on “About Diva

  1. Christhood, Buddhahood, etc. all are, as we are, of the depths of consciousness, discovering identity with that silent source of the universe, cosmos and divinity, that, which can not be named.

    Namaste All!

    1. Check your email. Sending you love and light in this moment. Receive the blessing of peace I am sending you now. Breathe deeply and receive it. Yes! Breathe!

  2. Hi Dr. verdun can you forward me information on how we can book you for an event we are planning soon in the near future here in Miami for our next W.O.A. WOMEN ON ASSIGNMENT EMPOWERMENT SUCCESS CONFERENCE..

    1. Thank you Joy for the booking opportunity. My staff have sent you the booking request form. W.O.A. sounds like a wonderful event and I am honored to be considered as a speaker for your event. Sending you Love and Light!



  3. You bio/testimony is very uplifting. It confirms that God is GOOD. If you host a class or seminar in Atlanta, please let me know. Continue to be Blessed.

    1. Yes, would love to do something in Atlanta. Once I have a schedule it will be made public so all will know where I am speaking and teaching. Blessings to you as well. Happy Holidays!

  4. Very intriguing young lady. I knew her family well, and attribute her success to her upbringing by her family. Knew JC very well. Good luck to your future endeavors

    1. It will be released by end of this year. I have another book I am completing on Sex and sexuality and how we are affected by religious scripting… Both books will be released by end of the year. I have been a little tied up producing a couple of projects and will begin targeting the women’s conference in Vegas shortly. I will keep you posted precious ONE! They are coming… thank you for asking.

      Prosperity Blessings!


  5. Amazing work, and expected of someone of your caliber. The power within each of us is so amazing! Few people ever come to clear, harness and direct this energy. Those who do come to know, realize this from within! Thanks for all that you are!

    Peace always, my friend!

  6. Amazing work, and expected of someone of your caliber! The power within each of us is so amazing! Few people ever come to clear, harness and direct this energy, but those who do and know, realize the unknown is within!

    Peace and love, my friend!

  7. God bless you for helping women become independent, so many women, just resort to being in loveless marriages for financial support basically prostituting themselves. Its not just in the middle east, all around the world women do this. It is a scary world out there. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration. I love the quote: “God is Able, he is able.” I believe in you/us!! together we can!

    1. Hi Calvin,

      I am working on a new series for the DivaStyle project to take it on national tour. Will get you the info as soon as we are in place and ready to market it.
      Sorry for delay in the response. Thought I had answered this one already. Keep Living your POWER -Diva

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