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  1. Just thank ful for the help you provide me as I journey on ward stuggling as a caterpiller to breakfree of this shell and once again feel the power…I am greivin and sad for the loss of my mom…don’t want to stop feeling the loss as it’s a familiar pain…I don’t like it …am greatful for any and all words of truth…thank you for your ministry. Ms. Val

    1. Val,

      Grief is a natural process of we experience to recompartmentalize our memories and to evaluate our own L.I.F.E. experience so we can deal with the loss of a loved one and understand the depth of the meaning in the cycle of L.I.F.E. L.I.F.E. is always giving and receiving and death is a natural part of it. the pain is real that we suffer, but the joy on the other side of grief is real as we begin to take charge of our own lives and prepare to fully live all of our experience. The gift of love we experience from loved ones that make their transitions is never ever lost. Do not be afraid to move forward through this process, you will never ever forget or lose any of your most valued moments. Even in the midst of the smallest moment you will hear the small voice speak to you and feel a smile. Know that grief is a process. You must work through all you feel by allowing yourself to feel it. As the pain comes and goes and it will for awhile, allow it to be apart of you and feel it, and notice how the experience seems to fade almost as quickly as it came. Pain is real, it is an indicator that there is a lesson to be received in the process. Do not hold back your grief for you will be hold back your own living. Live through it, feel it, touch it and cry when you feel like it. Tears are filled with salt and they was away the negative energy and the pain. So allow yourself to feel and you will see yourself moving forward.

      I send you love and light. Feel it!

      Live Your POWER Precious ONE and manifest your DREAMS!


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