DivaStyle Intensive

Learn to Recognize, Appreciate and Fully LIVE YOUR POWER!

DivaStyle International Intensive


  In its truest definition “Diva” means “Goddess”. Understand there is no need to try to be anything or anyone else because you already ARE what you were born to BE. You are the Divine Goddess, You are Diva!

Being a true Diva means you are attuned with the truth of who you truly are. In that knowledge you exude confidence, which in turn frees you to live a L.I.F.E. (living in full expectancy) filled with all of the good that life is designed to bless you with.

In true DivaStyle What Matters Most is How You See Yourself

Statement of the Problem:

Life experiences and race consciousness establish our beliefs.  If those experiences are negative then we develop a negative mind set setting into action a series of events that we do not wish to experience, but feel we have no control to change.  What we believe IS the reality we are living.  This is true both positively and negatively.

Our behaviors, lifestyles, finances, relationships, and careers are automatic results of the inner mental picturing and the positive or negative affirmations that we talk to ourselves either consciously or unconsciously.

The Solution:

DivaStyle™ is a 16-hour Self-Esteem and Personal Development Intensive designed and structured to improve one’s self-esteem within a 48 hour period through a unique blend of professional modeling and self-esteem exercises that instantaneously shifts negative belief systems and replaces them with complete confidence in self and the capability resident within.  The intensive’s core principle is structured on the understanding that we are ONE with the Creator born perfect, whole and complete, here to live fully blessed as we learn to LIVE OUR POWER.

The Intensive is an exciting, power-packed hands-on, interactive workshop that involves active participation.  Through a unique blend of motivational and empowerment exercises participants are taught the meaning of oneness, which unifies and bonds the group within the first hour of the session.

A unified group experience has an electrifying impact on class participants and uplifts and empowers the individual, thereby continually elevating the whole group.

Using a combination of life skill modules and professional modeling instruction, DivaStyle™ lifts the participant to a higher level of awareness through a process of dismantling negative belief patterns and restructuring the core belief system in a confidential and safe team environment.DivaStyle Self-Esteem Intensive

Through visioning and role-playing, individuals begin the process of mental recovery, changing both their inner and outer behavior patterns and physical carriage as they align their belief systems with the understanding of ONENESS, taking control of their destiny, realizing the source of their true POWER; the POWER of their MIND.

The Mission and the Goal:

The DivaStyle™ mission is to teach practical empowering lessons in a confidential healing environment using an active learning approach to prepare attendees to take charge of their lives and LIVE THEIR POWER to achieve their DREAMS.  Our ultimate goal is to empower the socialized individual with the tools to overcome the obstacles of fear and limitation to become a pro-active citizen in a diverse global society.

What you will learn:

  1. The Consciousness of ONENESS
  2. Dr. Diva’s 3D System (Dream, Desire, Demonstrate)
  3. European Modeling Instruction (How to Walk and Pose)
  4. Staying Fit Through Proper Exercise and Nutrition
  5. Packaging (from personal style and make-up to communication skills)

The Benefits:

  • Love living in YOUR skin and being YOU
  • Recognize YOUR individual beauty is a Divine and Specific Plan
  • Overcome Shyness and Raise YOUR Self-Esteem
  • Know YOU were designed to Win through the accomplishment of YOUR Dreams
  • Realize YOUR Oneness and that YOU have always been perfect, whole and complete
  • Receive YOUR Official “Diva Certification” signed by Dr. Diva herself.

About the Instructor:

Dr. Diva Verdun
Dr. Diva Verdun

Dr. Diva Verdun is a renowned empowerment coach and public speaker who uses life-skills and her special empowerment system to instantly

change your life forever.  Her fire and passion drives attendees to take control of how they perceive themselves and their lives verse society’s attempt to shape the perception of what they should look like, act like, be like or dress like.

Dr. Diva uses a metaphysical holistic methodology, teaching basic walking and posing skills through a creative yet powerfully interactive approach that empowers YOU to LIVE YOUR POWER as you take charge of who YOU really are and who YOU DESIRE to be.

Please contact us for more information on the DivaStyle™ Intensive or to schedule a class for your group or organization at info@ divastyle.org

2 thoughts on “DivaStyle Intensive

  1. Diva, you are one empowering, beautiful woman…inside and out! I love your website and it captures the heart of you and your desire to strengthen the beauty that is inside every woman. You are amazing!
    Love, Cindy

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