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Mix Matched Thinking – Understanding the Law of Mental Equivalents

Originally posted on Dr. Diva PhD Online:
The experience you are living is actually what you see in mind, even if it is not what you actually want to experience.? If you see yourself as sickly, you will be sick.? If you see yourself as always challenged, you will find yourself challenged. If you see…

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Are You Guarding A Concrete Slab?

Originally posted on Dr. Diva PhD Online:
We go through so many painful experiences in L.I.F.E.™ that may leave residual memories that create automated reflexes that we use to guard ourselves from being hurt again. For the most part you are operating on autopilot not even aware that these reflexes are now controlling your actions…

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The Power of Your Potential

Originally posted on Dr. Diva PhD Online:
We all have potential.  It is a deep something that is resident in each and every one of us.  We see it in others and want to support them in finding it within themselves.  However, potential is nothing until we believe in it for ourselves.  It does not…

Independence Day – Living Independent of the World’s Illusion of You

THIS IS A REPOST…. CLICK THE TEXT BELOW TO VIEW THE ARTICLE.   Independence Day – Living Independent of the World’s Illusion of You.

  • Metaphysical Interpretation of Psalm 37:4-5

    Delight in the Law of the Universe; and IT will manifest through you the Desires of your Heart. Commit (diligently practice) to the Principles: trust in the Law of the Universe to manifest your dreams.
  • Women’s Circle Conference in Las Vegas 2013

    Save the Date!! Connecting to the Diva Within - More Details to Come!March 20th, 2015
    7 months to go.
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