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From Powerless to Powerful – In My Weakness I Tap My True POWER

Originally posted on Dr. Diva PhD Online:
We must learn to make a distinction between being powerless and owning our power.  Sometimes we coming into situations we simply cannot fix no matter what we do.  We may feel powerless over ourselves and over the situation.  We may even feel that we are not capable of…

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Overcoming Codependent and Enabling Relationships

Originally posted on Dr. Diva PhD Online:
Attempting to rescue others from their pain, problems, and suffering creates co-dependent relationships that bring the enabling or rescuing partner more pain.  It creates a one-sided relationship where one partner works desperately to make the relationship work, caring more about the relationship itself than they care about their…

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Healing Your Heart To Attract Love

Originally posted on Dr. Diva PhD Online:
Thoughts of not being loved crystallize because we continue to practice feelings of unworthiness, guilt and shame that prevents us from realizing true love, which is the love of self first.  What we experience as love, or otherwise in relationships, manifest in exact measure in accordance to how…

  • Metaphysical Interpretation of Psalm 37:4-5

    Delight in the Law of the Universe; and IT will manifest through you the Desires of your Heart. Commit (diligently practice) to the Principles: trust in the Law of the Universe to manifest your dreams.
  • Women’s Circle Conference in Las Vegas 2013

    Save the Date!! Connecting to the Diva Within - More Details to Come!March 20th, 2015
    7 months to go.
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