Sidney A. Nelson, III

Thank You Sidney A. Nelson, III for Reminding Me to Enjoy L.I.F.E.! R.I.P. 5-31-2015

I was reminded this week of my own mortality by someone I only got to know after his death. Yes, After His Death. I never knew him while he was alive, but he has shared deep meaning with me in his passing. He was only 19 years old last week when he died. A beautiful young man attending college in Oregon when he drowned after jumping off a waterfall with some friends.

A dedication to Sidney A. Nelson, iii from his mother Delphine Nelson by Dr. Diva Verdun

No one sends their children to college expecting them to be returned in a casket. I deeply grieve for his mother and family. We send our children away to school expecting to see them living a wondrous experience exploring the expanse of their own imaginations. Well, what I learned is that he did just that.

No he d750x375xTony-750x375.jpg.pagespeed.ic.70h7HWU2avidn’t tell me verbally. How could he? But his Spirit has been nudging me for over a week now since I learned of his death. A spiritual connection that is not strange, but comfortable and warm.

He may have been only 19 years old, but he explored L.I.F.E. without abandon. I was blessed to meet his sister, Crystal this morning briefly and hug her. For never having met her brother, or any members of the family, I cried more than she did this morning and could not hold back the tears. How thankful I am to Sidney Nelson, III for sharing so much with me in his passing.

Sidney A. Nelson, IIIHe shared with me that L.I.F.E. is fully worth living all the way up until the very last breath. He got it! May I take the lesson he shared and live fully with the greatest joy in each and every moment as he did. RIP young one!!! You did great things in only 19 years of L.I.F.E. and you left us with many wonderful lessons to ponder in your passing.

You are greatly missed. Yes, by your family more than all, but also by people like myself that missed the opportunity to know you while you were in this experience.

Sidney A. Nelson, IIIYour spirit has touched me deeply and moved me to take greater action in my own L.I.F.E. You are my little soldier that leads the battle reminding me that its all about living fully, and that we never ever die, we simply begin again.
Thank you!!!!


~Rev. Dr. Diva Verdun


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